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Fitness Club Benefits

WSU and EWU employees can take advantage of discounted rates when joining the following local fitness centers:

(Please note that these deals and discounts are for campus employees only. Students can take advantage of our on-campus student fitness center. Student discounts to area fitness centers may also be available – please email for more information.

  • YMCA
    WSU and EWU employees can take advantage of corporate membership benefits, which provide for a 50 percent discount off join fees and 10 percent off monthly dues. You’ll need to provide employment verification to receive the discount. For more information, visit the YMCA website. For those who are 65 and older, Kaiser Permanente offers free Silversneakers fitness classes at the YMCA and other participating fitness centers through its Medicare Advantage HMO plans.
  • MUV Fitness
    QR code for MUV Corporate Partner programDiscounted all-club access rates are $29 per month for a WSU employee and $24 per month per added family member. See flyer for details. EWU does not currently have a discount program agreement with MUV Fitness.
  • Spokane Club
    Prices vary by age group for individual, couple, and family memberships. All WSU employees enjoy 50 percent off of their initial membership fees. For more information, contact Spokane Club membership director Rose Peters.