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Master In Teaching Program Admissions Process

Phase One: Application

It is the desire of the Washington State University College of Education and the state of Washington to prepare the best possible teachers. Therefore, we reserve the right to seek the most highly qualified individuals for admission to Spokane MIT Programs. Simply meeting the application requirements does not guarantee admission to the program.

There are three steps to completing application to Spokane MIT programs, which are described below. These steps include applying to the WSU graduate school, providing supplemental materials to the MIT Program, and submitting official documentation of basic skills and content exams. The priority application deadline is November 15, and only complete applications will be considered for admission. Additional complete applications will be accepted on a space available basis until April 1.

Apply Now! Spokane MIT Program Application
Step 1: Applicants submit an online application for the WSU Graduate School.

Online application includes providing at least three references, ordering official transcripts and paying $75 online application fee. Detailed instructions are included on the Spokane MIT Program Application.

Step 2: Applicants submit all supplemental application materials to the MIT program.

Applicants submit supplemental materials to the Spokane MIT Program Academic Coordinator ( Supplemental materials are included with detailed instructions in the Spokane MIT Program Application and include:

         Applicant Cover Sheet
         Professional/Volunteer Experiences
         Personal Commitment and Relevant Experiences Essay
         Current Resume

Secondary applicants who do not hold a bachelor’s degree in the content area of their certification endorsement must also submit a Self-Evaluation Worksheet for evaluation of coursework. Self-evaluation Worksheets and transcripts should be provided as soon as possible to identify any coursework deficiencies, to allow time to enroll in any prerequisite coursework prior to enrolling in the MIT program.

Step 3: Applicants submit official documentation of Basic Skills  and Content Proficiency Exams by April 1.

Applications may be considered and candidates interviewed prior to receiving exam scores; however, admission decisions will be made pending receipt of OFFICIAL basic skills and content proficiency exams.

Phase Two: Application Review & Interview

Complete applications are reviewed by the MIT Admissions Committee. The most highly qualified applicants will be selected for interviews which will take place during in late January or early February.

Phase Three: Admissions Review

Following application review and interviews, outstanding candidates who meet all admission requirements (including required basic skills and content proficiency exam scores) will be accepted for the program and recommended for admission to the WSU Graduate School.