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Environmental Health and Safety

Assisting the campus community in promoting a safe and healthy environment for all individuals associated with WSU Health Sciences Spokane.


You are encouraged to recycle on the Spokane campus. Plastic bottles, cans, batteries, paper, corrugated cardboard, ink cartridges and toner cartridges can be recycled on campus.

Recycling requires participation on all levels. Your part in recycling includes putting acceptable recyclable materials in the appropriate locations.

Blue Recycle Bins at Desks

Blue recycle bins are provided along with solid waste trash cans throughout campus. Mixed paper, cardboard, plastic, cans and batteries may be placed in the blue recycle bins for recycling. Read below for further information on what products are acceptable in in the blue recycle bins. NOTE: Please keep food residue, used paper towels or facial tissues, or other contaminants out of the recycle bins.

  • Mixed Paper: Computer paper, junk mail, sticky notes, brochures, paper bags, newspaper, magazines.
    • No staples or paper clips.
    • No catalogs or books (no binding).
    • No shredded paper.
    • No waxed paper.
  • Cardboard: Corrugated cardboard; remove packing material and break down the box before placing in recycle bin. Larger boxes that do not fit in bin may be placed next to it
    • No chip board (like cereal, soda can, and envelope boxes).
    • No waxed cardboard.
    • No shipping/mailing tubes.
  • Plastic: #1 and #2 plastic containers (number located bottom of containers). Must be empty and clean (must be rinsed out with caps removed and no straws)
  • Cans: Aluminum, tin, and steel cans. Must be empty and clean (rinsed out).
  • Batteries: If there is a large battery or a large quantity of batteries, contact EH&S for a pickup. Some batteries must have terminals taped to block contact points for safety (9-volt, button cell, lithium, lithium-ion, sealed lead acid, electronic batteries with exposed terminals or cracked case, batteries >9-volts).

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Toner Cartridges

  • Place toner cartridges in original or replacement packaging.
  • Please save original or replacement box, enclosed prepaid return shipping label, and packaging contents for future recycling use.
  • Apply manufacture-provided prepaid shipping label to the outside of original or replacement box, for shipment to original vendor recycling program.
  • If no prepaid label is available – write RECYCLE on the outside of box.
  • Close box with provided tabs and/or seal with shipping tape.
  • WSU departments place recycling box in your department’s outgoing mailbox for pick up by WSU Mail Services.
  • EWU departments place cartridges in the toner/ink recycle collection box located on the first floor of HSB by the USPS mailboxes.

Ink Cartridges

  • Place ink cartridge in original packaging if available, otherwise place in a sealable plastic bag to save cost and prevent leakage.
  • EWU departments place in ink/toner recycle collection box located on the first floor of HSB by the USPS mailboxes.
  • WSU departments place recycling box in in their existing campus outgoing mailbox location for pick up by WSU Mail Services.