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Health Sciences Library

Supporting the health sciences programs of Washington State University.


The Washington State University Health Sciences Library supports the health sciences programs offered at Washington State University.

The library maintains a collection of books and journals in print, but relies on the main campus libraries in Pullman for much printed material. Most of the health sciences related books and journals are available electronically, and can be accessed through the library’s website.

Library patrons may request books from WSU libraries in Pullman, the Tri-Cities, and Vancouver. Additionally, they may request books from 39 academic libraries in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho through SUMMIT by using the Search It interface.

Books and journals requested from WSU libraries are usually available within three days. Books requested through SUMMIT usually arrive within approximately 5 business days.

Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals

Mission: The WSU Health Sciences Library serves the university community by providing services and resources for the advancement of scholarship, research, and discovery, in order to empower and inspire our users.

Vision: The Health Sciences Library is the interdisciplinary nexus of resources and services that drive critical and effective use, synthesis, and creation of information and knowledge.

Values: The Health Sciences Library values service, diversity, collaboration, teaching, learning, innovation, open and equal access to information, and the promotion of information literacy, curiosity, critical thinking, and openness to new ideas and knowledge.


  1. Proactive and effective library services through a user-centered perspective.
  2. Collaboration with partners in support of educational and scholarly endeavors.
  3. Development of an information infrastructure that reflects evolving modes of instruction, research, information literacy, and scholarly communication.
  4. Continuous improvement of the Library’s resources, services, and programs to make them more visible, accessible, and responsive to the needs of our users.

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