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Work Order Request Form

Coming Soon!

A new work order request application is under construction to replace this form.

Incorporating a simpler design, the new application will log and track your requests, while also allowing you to check work order status and communicate directly with Facilities Operations staff.

new work order form user interface

Submitting Work Orders

Use the form below to request help from Facilities Operations, which does not schedule rooms on campus. To schedule rooms on campus, use our room scheduling system.

PLEASE NOTE: Work Order response or action may not occur for 24 hours after request, so if you have a last minute change needed for an event setup (within 1 hour of the event), please call 509-358-7994.

Areas of concern may include classroom, office, conference room, restroom, common area, lighting, heating, cooling, plumbing, leaks, spills, cleaning, etc..

Work orders are assigned to staff according to urgency and order in which they were received.

Additionally, if you are hosting a weekend or evening campus event requiring heating or cooling for a reserved space, please submit a work order request to receive space conditioning. Be sure to submit your work order a few days before the event so the staff has time to make the adjustments. Typically heating or cooling is reduced in campus buildings in the evening or during a weekend.

Please give 3 days’ notice for maintenance work and moving to accommodate scheduling. Last minute requests may be subject to additional fees.

Questions? Contact the Facilities Operations Work Order Desk at 509-358-7760.


For Grounds and custodial staff, $37 per person, per hour (with a minimum charge of one hour), PLUS a 10% service center charge, if applicable.

For Maintenance staff, $52 per person, per hour (with a minimum charge of one hour) PLUS a 10% service center charge, if applicable.

If you do not receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes of submitting your work request, the request likely did not properly submit. Please try again. If the problem persists, please call the work order desk at 509-358-7760 for assistance.


Phone: 509-358-7760
Fax: 509-368-6990

Mailing/Shipping address:
412 E Spokane Falls Blvd.
Spokane, WA 99202

Office location:

Center for Clinical Research and Simulation, Room 310

*Key holders are individually responsible for their keys. See the guidelines here.