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Obtaining Keys

In order to obtain a campus key for an office, room or building, a Key Authorization Card is required and a work order request form needs to be submitted. (Form is here.) The Key Authorization card must be signed by the designated authorizing individual within your department – usually the department head or their designee — and by the person receiving the key.  By signing the card they are taking full responsibility for the key(s) and the policies written on the card.

The Key Authorization Card may then be sent via intercampus mail or hand-delivered to Facilities Operations in the Center for Clinical Research and Simulation, room 310 (formerly the South Campus Facility). Keys will not be ordered until Facilities has received the Key Card properly filled out and signed by both parties.

Once the keys are available for pickup, the individual and/or department is notified (usually within 2 or 3 business days).  It is best to call Facilities at 358-7994 prior to picking up the key(s) to make sure someone will be in the office.

Other keys, such as desk, file cabinet, etc. are also available through Facilities Operations. The lock number is required and can be found imprinted on the face of the lock in very small print. The process for miscellaneous keys is the same as for office/room keys.

Lost Keys

Lost keys are to be reported immediately to Facilities Operations at 358-7994 or Security at 358-7995. In order to replace lost keys, an invoice is generated and upon payment of the invoice, replacement keys will be issued.

Returning Keys

Keys must be returned to the Facilities Operations office or to an individual’s support person for returning to the Facilities Operations office. Upon receiving the returned keys, the key records and database are updated to show they were received. Do not hand keys on to the next person as they are the responsibility of the individual to whom they were issued – this includes furniture and cabinet keys.