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Surplus Property

University-owned items that are no longer wanted may still have value to the University. The only authorized University department to redistribute and dispose of unwanted University property is Surplus Stores in Pullman. If the item can’t be sold it can be recycled through Pullman.

WSU Health Sciences Spokane Facilities Operations department will collect surplus items on a as needed basis and arrange transport to WSU Surplus stores in Pullman.

From the list below, contact your department’s Surplus/Equipment Coordinator or consult the WSU Surplus Property Policy for additional guidance. Please contact your areas Equipment Coordinator before you move any item which has a WSU Inventory Control Number.

Laptops: If you’re sending laptops to surplus and they do not have a WSU inventory number please contact Property Inventory for approval to surplus prior to submitting the Surplus Property Report.

Furniture, equipment and other items that have been purchased with University or grant funds must be disposed of through the surplus process and may not be given away.

Surplus will be picked up on an as needed basis.

Important Information & Guidelines

  • Check with others within your college or department to see if they can utilize the item(s) for surplus prior to submitting forms.
  • Review WSU’s Business Policies And Procedures regarding Surplus Property.
  • See list below of items not permitted or accepted
  • Prior approval from your department or colleges Equipment Coordinator must be obtained before any item may be surplused.
  • Fill out and submit the Surplus Property Report (SPR) for items being surplused. This will be your record of disposal.
  • Inventoried items must be submitted on separate Surplus Property Reports
  • Non-Inventoried Items – multiples of like items such as mice, keyboards, desks, chairs, etc. may be entered on the same Surplus Property Report
  • Once the surplus property report is submitted, print a copy of the email confirmation of the form and preferably place in an envelope and securely attach to the corresponding surplus item(S).
  • All items are to be clearly marked or will not be picked up.
  • WSUS Facilities Operations is not responsible for items that are not clearly marked and then surplused.
  • It is preferred the assigned area Equipment Coordinator (see names in bold on list below) submit the Facilities Work Order Request Form request form to notify Facilities Operations of the pick-up.
  • Small and limited quantities shall be placed in the designated mail stop area to be picked up by the Mail Services team
  • Larger items and quantities will be scheduled to be picked up from a specified location by the Grounds Crew.
  • Surplus items should be received in an orderly fashion
  • No trash, empty packaging materials, etc.
  • Cords untangled & removed from monitors
  • Lithium batteries can be left in the equipment or boxed individually
  • No items from non-WSU entities shall be surplused through this process.

Items not accepted by Surplus

  • Hazardous Chemicals or Waste
  • Sharps such as used needles, used surgical knives
  • Friable Asbestos
  • Used alkaline batteries (AA, C, D, AAA, 9volt)
  • Jars or containers that contain liquids and powders
  • Barrels that contain oil or hazardous residues
  • Glass Thermometers that contain Mercury

Spokane Campus Surplus Property Coordinators

  • WSU Spokane (area 57) – Kathy Elgiadi*
  • IT Department (area 57) – Bonnie Cooper
  • College of Nursing (area 06) – Mike Lynch*
  • CAFRU (area 41) – Kim Calamia-McKee*
  • Pharmacy (area 15) – Sarah Kohler* and Ryan Maynard
  • College of Medicine (area 08) – Medicine’s Business and Finance department
  • Speech and Hearing (area 08) – Laura DiFilippo and Medicine’s Business and Finance department
  • SBDC (area 35) – Craig Abbs*

*These individuals are also the Equipment Coordinator for that area.

Online forms & Info

Online WSU Business Policies & Procedures Info