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Surplus Property

University-owned property that is no longer needed may still have value to the University and therefore we encourage all units at WSUS to surplus extra items to WSU Surplus Stores in Pullman.

Facilities Operations in Spokane will pick up surplus items quarterly. The dates are listed below:

  • March 1
  • June 1
  • September 1
  • December 1

A reminder will be sent out through the WSU Spokane announcements prior to the the WSUS surplus property pick up date. Please hold all WSUS surplus property items in your department until the date is announced.

Remember to attach a copy of the Surplus Property Report to each item being surplused. Each item must be clearly marked all items to be surplused. WSUS Facilities Operations is not responsible for items that are not clearly marked and then surplused.

Contact your WSUS department’s surplus property coordinator for proper surplus procedures. Use this process for all IT equipment and other items.  WSUS Facilities Operations can only surplus WSUS items. No items from non-WSU entities should be surplused through this system.

Important guidelines

  • Fill out and submit a Surplus Property Report for items being surplused.
  • Print a copy of the email confirmation you should receive of the Surplus Property Report once submitted and place in an envelope.
  • Securely attached the envelope to the item being surplused, all items are to be clearly marked or will not be picked up.
  • Submit a work order request form to notify Facilities Operations of the pick-up. Only one work order needed per pick up.
  • Surplus items should be received in an orderly fashion
  • No trash, empty packaging materials, etc.
  • Cords untangled & removed from monitors
  • Small batteries removed and recycled except for lithium style batteries
    • Lithium batteries should be left in the equipment or boxed individually

Surplus Property Coordinators

  • WSU Spokane (area 57), Kathy Elgiadi
  • College of Nursing (area 06), Cathy Engel
  • Extension, (area 41), Linda Loos
  • CAFRU (area 41), Kim Calamia-McKee
  • Pharmacy (area 15), Sarah Kohler and Ryan Maynard
  • College of Medicine (area 08), Christine Nieuwenhuis
  • IT – Bonnie Cooper
  • Speech and Hearing (area 08) Laura Difilippo
  • SBDC – Craig Abbs

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