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Safety and Security

Creating a safe and secure campus to allow students, faculty and staff to focus on excellent academics, research and public service.

Spokane Campus Safety Plan

Principal administrative responsibility for the Spokane Campus Safety Plan lies with Facilities Operations, which is the administrative unit for Campus Security and Emergency Management. The Division of Student Affairs also has significant responsibilities in this area.

Campus Safety Video

The WSU Spokane / EWU Spokane emergency response video explains how to prepare for and respond to natural diasters, technological disasters, and human-caused incidents. View video here.

Campus Data

Safety & Fire Statistics (Clery Report)

Approximately 1,727 students enrolled in fall of 2020.

Non-Student Workforce Profile
Approximately 300 staff, 255 faculty.

Campus Security Personnel
Seven full-time officers, a Campus Safety Coordinator and the Department Manager.


Policies, Procedures and Programs

Weapons Policy

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Student Privacy
WSU Spokane complies with regulations in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Stalking

Sexual harassment and Standards of Conduct

Disability Resources

Escort Services

Mental Health and Counseling Services

Preventing and Responding to violence and other campus emergencies

Additional Resources for WSU Spokane Students
An extensive list of resources for students is maintained by the Office of Civil Rights Compliance and Investigation and includes help for victims of discrimination, violence, crimes, harassment and for those who need mental health counseling or health services.

Emergency and Crisis Communications

During emergencies, the primary notification tool for the university community will be the vendor-provided Campus Alert system through which campus emergency management personnel can provide messages directly to students and staff via text, phone and email. The Campus Alert is accompanied by the communications tools Twitter, Facebook and the website homepage, as well as an Outdoor Warning System consisting of sirens and public address speakers mounted throughout campus.

Campus wide testing of the entire Campus Alert emergency messaging system occurs twice a year, and the vendor provided service portion is tested monthly. Building Evacuation procedures are conducted annually.

The Campus Alert is an opt-in system and all new students and employees are strongly encouraged to sign up to receive emergency messages through this system. Registration instructions are available at Campus Alert.

The campus Communications Director will communicate directly with the media to relay pertinent information to the public.

Mutual Assistance Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding

If an emergency occurs on WSU Spokane campus the City of Spokane Police department and Fire department will respond accordingly.

WSU Spokane has bicycles, phones, computers, personnel, parking lot areas for EOC staging area, building cameras, heavy construction equipment, gasoline, diesel, limited two-way radios, bullhorns, patrol cars with PA systems, buildings available for shelter in place, nursing and pharmacy students who could assist with medical issues. WSU Spokane would cooperate with local agencies to make these resources available to the extent permitted by law.

Campus Safety Plan Oversight

Oversight for the Campus Safety Plan is the responsibility of the Campus Safety & Security Manager. The Manager is responsible to review, update and support implementation of this Campus Safety Plan with the support of the Campus Safety Committee which meets on a monthly basis to examine safety conditions throughout campus.

The Campus Safety Committee consists of administration, faculty, staff members and the Campus Safety and Security. Presidents of the Spokane student government organizations at WSU and EWU are invited to participate in the monthly meetings during the academic year.

A task force from the Campus Safety Committee will annually review the Campus Safety Plan and make a presentation to Cabinet. The safety plan also will be made available campus wide on the Safety and Security web site.

Institutional Compliance

Margaret Holt, Chief of Staff, Chancellor’s Office, has appointed Jeremy Young, Safety and Security Manager, as their designee to monitor and coordinate the WSU Spokane Campus compliance with RCW 28B.10.569 and ensuring campus safety plan information is available to all students, faculty and staff.

Jeremy Young 
Safety and Security Manager