Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane sponsored a survey in 2019 to evaluate perceptions and experiences of their students, faculty, and staff with regard to diversity and climate issues. WSU Health Sciences implemented online surveys of currently enrolled students and faculty and staff in spring 2019. After the survey data were collected, WSU Health Sciences contracted with the Social and Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC) to analyze the survey results.

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, (DEI Committee), spent the last year analyzing the results of the Campus Climate Survey and formulating recommendations. The DEI committee honors and supports the current efforts happening in the colleges and campus units. However, DEI work cannot happen in isolation as our students, faculty, and staff engage in interprofessional and collaborative work across the colleges. The committee is optimistic that by working together we can better support one another in making a meaningful commitment to diversity and that everyone can see their role in making change.

The DEI committee appreciates any feedback and insight from the campus community. If you would like to submit anonymous feedback please use the Feedback Form below.

Student Campus Climate Survey Executive Summary

Student Campus Climate Report and Recommendations

Climate Survey Feedback

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