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Out-of-WA State Clock Hours

Teachers – Did you do your PLTW Core Training outside Washington State?

Do you want Washington State Clock Hours?


Instructions for Earning Clock Hours for PLTW Core Training Out-of-WA State.

  1. Complete Certified In-Service Registration. Download form and print clearly. (Download a sample form to see how it is filled out.)
    • Use the chart below to find your specific Program Course #.
    • Use full name of the PLTW Course Title – no abbreviations.
    • Use the Session dates as the Start and End Date of your training
    • This form must be signed by your Core Training Master Teacher/s.
    • Clock Hours Earned
      • 2 day training                   16 clock hours
      • 3 day training                   24 clock hours
      • 5 day training                   40 clock hours
      • 10 day training                 80 clock hours
  2. Complete the Evaluation Form Download form and print clearly.
    • Use the same Program Course # as on your Certified In-Service Registration form.
  1. Provide copy of your PLTW Certificate received at the end of your Core Training – dated and signed by your Master Teacher/s
  1. Check made out to Washington State University ($2.00 per clock hour)
    • 2 day training                   16 hours               $32.00
    • 3 day training                   24 hours               $48.00
    • 5 day training                   40 hours               $80.00
    • 10 day training                 80 hours               $160.00

Returning Clock Hour Paperwork Check Sheet:

  • Certified Clock Hour Registration Certificate – must include teacher certificate number and be signed by your Master Teacher/s.
  • Completed evaluation form
  • Copy of Certificate awarded at the end of Core Training, signed by the Master Teacher
  • Check attached for clock hours

Mail all documents and your check to:

Ashley Herridge
PO Box 642152
Pullman, WA  99164-2152
(509) 335-4855

PLTW Core Training WSU Program Course Numbers:

In the chart below, find the specific Program Course # for your Core Training Course and Session.

Write it in on your Certified In-Service Registration and Evaluation Forms in the Program Catalog box.

Core Training Course Session 1Session 2 Session 2.5Session 3 Session 4 Session 5
June 5 – 16June 19 - June 30July 5 - July 8July 10 - July 21July 24 - August 4August 7 - August 18
GATEWAYDesign and Modeling061617A063017A070817A072117A080417A081817A
Automation and Robotics061617B063017B070817B072117B080417B081817B
Energy and the Environment061617C063017C070817C072117C080417C081817C
Flight And Space061617D063017D070817D072117D080417D081817D
Science of Technology061617E063017E070817E072117E080417E081817E
Magic of Electrons061617F063017F070817F072117F080417F081817F
Green Architecture061617G063017G070817G072117G080417G081817G
Medical Detectives061617H063017H070817H072117H080417H081817H
Introduction to Computer Science061617I063017I070817I072117I080417I081817I
Computer Science for Innovators and Makers061617V063017V070817V072117V080417V081817V
App Creators061617Z063017Z070817Z072117Z080417Z081817Z
ENGINEERINGIntroduction to Engineering Design061617J063017J070817J072117J080417J081817J
Principles of Engineering061617K063017K070817K072117K080417K081817K
Aerospace Engineering061617L063017L070817L072117L080417L081817L
Civil Engineering and Architecture061617M063017M070817M072117M080417M081817M
Computer Integrated Manufacturing061617N063017N070817N072117N080417N081817N
Digital Electronics061617O063017O070817O072117O080417O081817O
Environmental Sustainability061617P063017P070817P072117P080417P081817P
Engineering Design and Development061617Q063017Q070817Q072117Q080417Q081817Q
BIOMEDICAL SCIENCEPrinciples of Biomedical Science061617R063017R070817R072117R080417R081817R
Human Body Systems061617S063017S070817S072117S080417S081817S
Medical Interventions061617T063017T070817T072117T080417T081817T
Biomedical Innovation061617U063017U070817U072117U080417U081817U
COMPUTER SCIENCEComputer Science Principles061617W063017W070817W072117W080417W081817W
Computer Science Applications061617X063017X070817X072117X080417X081817X
Computer Science Essentials061617Y063017Y70817Y072117Y080417Y081817Y
Launch K-5Launch K-5061617AA063017AA070817AA072117AA080417AA081817AA