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Health and Wellness January 2016

The Basics: Six Essential Nutrients

Wellness Wednesday TipWith the New Year comes a fresh start and the opportunity to add new healthy habits. Try focusing on goals that add something to your life instead of focusing on what needs to be removed. What you choose to focus on can make or break the long term success of your goals

Sometimes how we frame or see a goal can be the deciding factor in how well we accomplish it. An example of how to apply this thinking is “I will fill my daily meals with more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains” VS “I will stop eating that bag of chips” Focusing on the positive addition will elicit healthful habits instead of short lived change. Write your goals down and place them somewhere you will frequently be reminded of them like your planner, phone or bathroom mirror.

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Alertness and Mood across the Seasons

Wellness Wednesday Tip: Getting enough sleep during the night greatly effects the functionality of our body and consequently our mood. If you have trouble falling asleep, create a “toolbox” or list of bedtime rituals that can help you relax should you find yourself restless before bed. For example: do light stretches, take a warm bath, listen to soft music, read a book, visualize a peaceful and restful place, or practice slow and deep breathing.

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