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Health and Wellness November 2015

Staying sane in the brain

Wellness Wednesday Tip: “Go get some fresh air” is often said to encourage people to clear their minds. Whether it’s said harshly or not, it’s good advice. Keeping our minds and intellect healthy sometimes requires us to clear the clutter from our minds and “get some fresh air.” Whether that “air” is actual air, or comes in the form of a book, a movie or a song, “getting fresh air” now and then is a good way to keep our minds healthy.

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Colleague Spotlight

Wellness Wednesday Tip- Take a moment to express gratitude and appreciation towards your coworkers. Day to day we are so often focused on our personal to-do lists, deadlines, and what we need from someone that we forget to recognize the incredible gift each person brings to our work environment.

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The Scoop on Workspace Ergonomics

WELLNESS WEDNESDAY TIPTake 5 minutes of each hour to stand up and stretch. Whether its taking a walk to the bathroom, or filling up your water bottle, giving your body routine breaks can have great benefits. Adding this small practice in your daily routine to relieve pressure in your joints and stretch your muscles can greatly improve overall physical and occupational wellness.

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