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The Cultivation of Mindfulness

By Tracy L. Skaer, PharmD, Professor of Pharmacotherapy

I would like to share the following email message that I received from one of my mentors, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn today in the wake of the latest tragedies in Nice, France.

“It strikes me at this particular moment on the planet that the well-being of the world itself depends on our willingness—each and every one of us—to tap into our capacity for embodied wisdom. That is precisely what the cultivation of mindfulness offers. It is a way to, in Derek Walcott’s words, “give back your heart to yourself,” and in doing so, to live and love and work in ways that are inwardly and outwardly healing and transformative. » More …

Fun in the Sun: Campus Co-ed Softball

By April D. Davis, RDN, CD, ACSM CEP

Life without fun and games isn’t just dull – it’s downright unhealthy.  Take time to enjoy life and unplug from everyday stresses to help decrease cravings for junk food and boost your metabolism.  Here are four ways to reconnect with your carefree side for your best summer ever:

1. Add fun to things you do every day.

    • Crank up the funk on Pandora while cooking and dance your way around the kitchen
    • Make phone calls outside while walking around the block
    • Prepare an ethnic meal and ask family members to research interesting facts about the Country to be shared at mealtime
    • Hop/skip/jump your way around the yard when moving hoses or doing yardwork.  It’ll make you and your neighbors smile

» More …