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Health and Wellness December 2017

Wellness Tips for the Holiday Season


Did you know some common holiday ‘wish list’ toys may be harmful to your child’s hearing?  The American Academy of Audiology recently released an important warning to the public to check noise levels before purchasing toys for children this holiday season. » More …

Healthy Recipe of the Week – Harissa

Originating in Tunisia, Harissa is a chili pepper paste that pairs great with a variety of foods! Try it with meat, fish, roasted vegetables, rice or soups; it’s heat will be sure to add a lot of flavor to your dish of choice.

Makes a rounded 3/4 cup » More …

Healthy Recipe of the Week – Mashed Butternut Squash

Butternut squash has been my go-to vegetable for my family these past few months. It doesn’t make a huge mess to prep, I can incorporate it easily into so many dishes my family loves and it alone can be a great side dish that is easy to throw together. Not to mention, 1 cup of it alone has more Vitamin A than a carrot does, and more potassium than in a single banana. While I usually enjoy it simply roasted, this is a new fun way for me to mix it up while keeping it simple.

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Mindful Tips for the Holidays

By: Tracy L. Skaer, PharmD, Professor of Pharmacotherapy

While there is often much joy surrounding family gatherings during the holiday season, some may experience increased tension. Practice these mindful techniques to help you increase empathy, reduce stress, improve relationship satisfaction, and better enjoy your holiday moments.

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