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Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry is considered the gold standard in drug and metabolite analysis, with the advantages being its ability to detect drugs/metabolites at very low concentrations, its ability to distinguish a specific drug/metabolite from all other compounds in a biologic sample, and its speed, meaning a short turnaround time for results.

Xevo® G2-S QTof

The instrument, Xevo® G2-S QTof, is designed for scientists who need to identify, quantify, and confirm the broadest range of compounds in the most complex and challenging samples. Incorporating StepWave™ ion optics for unsurpassed levels of durable sensitivity, the Xevo G2-S QTof also uses proven quantitative time-of-flight (QuanTof™) technology to deliver superior UPLC®-compatible mass resolution, matrix tolerant dynamic range, quantitative performance, mass accuracy, and speed of analysis – simultaneously.

This laboratory is currently being set up. Anyone interested in the service may contact Dr. Gang Cheng, associate research professor of pharmaceutical sciences, at (509) 324-7244 or by email at This lab will operate the instrument and provide the result to the investigator.

The mass spec is a shared resource of WSU Health Sciences in Spokane. We gratefully acknowledge the Health Sciences and Services Authority of Spokane County for their financial support to purchase this instrument.

Assisted/Technical Services$45.00/Hr$48.60/Hr