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Community Engagement Fellows

The Community Engagement Fellowship Program is a new initiative which allows students an opportunity to expand their existing knowledge, skills, and leadership experiences around community engagement. Through these positions, students will be able to apply their current skills in the development of projects that directly address campus and community impact areas. In other words, students will develop a collaborative relationship with a community partner and an understanding and appreciation for the goals of the populations served by the community partner. The program is funded by BECU.


Jacqueline Aguon
CE Fellow for Public Health
Doctorate of Pharmacy Program


Erika Bautista
CE Fellow for Women's Health
Doctor of Pharmacy Program


Brianda De La Cruz
CE Fellow for Housing
Doctor of Pharmacy Program


Sandra Kuang
Education Outreach
Doctor of Pharmacy Program

Erika Bautista is the Community Engagement Fellow for Women’s Health. Erika has developed a partnership with Raiz and Planned Parenthood to develop education opportunities about women’s health on campus and in the Spokane community.

Erika believes that as health sciences professional, she wants to continue to advocate for better awareness around women’s health. The resources for women’s health are not vast, but with awareness, education, and training, communities can better request and access resources.

Erika is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Pharmacy from Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane.

Jacqueline Aguon is a Community Engagement Fellow for Public Health. Jacqueline collaborates with the MLK Family Outreach Center in the East Central Neighborhood and faculty and students from Nursing and Medicine. Jackie’s focus is to provide health services, education, and advocacy for the general needs of the community.

Jacqueline believes that promoting public health awareness and education is vital to the success and sustenance of any community; especially for those who are most underserved and underrepresented in the community.Public health outreach ensures that the community is informed on how to maintain healthy lifestyles

Jacqueline Aguon is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Pharmacy from Washington State University.

Sandra Kuang is the Community Engagement Fellow for Education Outreach. Sandra has developed and maintained partnerships with the lead facilitators of after school programs at Sheridan Elementary School and with the Spokane Eastside Reunion Association. She builds bridges between WSU health science students to provide mentoring and tutoring help to students in elementary, middle, and high schools.

Sandra knows firsthand how hard it is for students in low-income and low-resource areas to consider aiming for a higher education and believes that everyone should have an equal chance of aiming higher than a high school diploma.

Sandra is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Pharmacy from Washington State University.

Brianda De La Cruz is the Community Engagement Fellow for Housing Insecurity. Brianda has developed a partnership with the Spokane Alliance and Refugee Connections to develop campaigning opportunities and to support the growth of initiatives, such as the health passport.

Brianda works toward developing learning opportunities for community members and students because she believes in engagement and dialogue for a better community.

Brianda is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Pharmacy from Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane.