The Department Criminal Justice and Criminology emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to understanding deviant behavior and crime, the nature of law and social control, the organization and management of criminal justice agencies, and the use of research and evaluation for planned change in criminal justice. Criminal Justice is an interdisciplinary field that includes material from sociology, political science, and psychology.

Washington State University Spokane offers the Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and, in collaboration with our Pullman campus, a PhD in Criminal Justice.

The Department publishes a semi-annual newsletter, Criminal Justice News, to update alumni, students, current and retired faculty and staff, as well as research partners about the news and research activities happening on all of the Department's campuses and WSU Online.


The program is designed for those who have an interest in understanding societal issues associated with crime, the work performed by criminal justice professionals, and the impact public policy decisions have on the operation of the criminal justice system.

Our student body is comprised both of traditional students who have recently completed their undergraduate degrees and working professionals interested in furthering their careers in criminal justice. Classes are held in the evening, making the program accessible to both full-time and part-time students.


The program is taught by highly qualified faculty in small seminar settings. Excellence in scholarship, combined with applications of knowledge useful to practitioners in the field, provides students with both an understanding of the criminal justice system and opportunities to engage in meaningful research in the community.

The Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology prepares students for positions of leadership in law enforcement, court administration, corrections, and academia.


WSU Spokane is home to the Simulated Hazardous Occupational Tasks Lab (SHOT Lab--affiliated with the Sleep and Performance Research Center), and a branch of WSU's Division of Governmental Studies and Service (DGSS).

These units are closely associated with the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, and offer opportunities for master and doctoral candidates to work on a variety of applied research projects.

The Washington State Institute For Criminal Justice (WSICJ) provides research assistance and expertise to improve the policies and practices of the state and national criminal justice system. With a focus on applied, problem solving research, the Institute aims to improve criminal justice efficiency and effectiveness through the identification, assessment, and evaluation of promising and evidence-based interventions and practices. The scope of the Institute is comprised of two divisions – Policing & Security and Corrections & Sentencing – which encompasses the wide array of research knowledge and expertise among its directors, faculty, staff and affiliated members and partners.


Established in 1941 as the Department of Police Science and Administration, the WSU Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology is among the oldest in the country. It is ranked in the top twenty criminal justice programs nationally. Degrees in Criminal Justice are offered at two of WSU's four physical campuses: WSU Spokane (MA, PhD [in collaboration with the Pullman campus]), and WSU Pullman (BA, MA, PhD). A BA and an MA in Criminal Justice may now also be obtained online through WSU's Global Campus!

Criminal Justice


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