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Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane

Requesting Work or Academic Accommodations as an Enrolled Student

Accommodations may be available to students with disabilities for the classroom and educational environment, housing, on campus accessible transportation needs, and other student based responsibilities, activities, and programming.  Typically, students request an accommodation from the student disability services office or access center on their campus (see list of campus specific offices below the table).  However, if a student has a work or employment type position, the accommodation request may be processed by a different office.

The following table will assist in determining which office(s) will be the primary contact for the accommodations request process. Contact information for the campus specific offices are listed below the table.

Type of Accommodations SoughtStatusContact
Academic OnlyEnrolled WSU student with interest in academic related accommodations only.Student Disability Services Office
Work and AcademicEnrolled WSU student with interest in academic and work related accommodations. Student Disability Services Office*
Work Only, Option 1Enrolled WSU student with interest in work related accommodations for one of the following positions that require the individual to be a registered and/or degree-seeking student:
1. Resident Advisor,
2. Graduate Assistantship
a. Teaching Assistant
b. Research Assistant
c. Staff Assistant
d. Veterinary Assistant
3. Undergraduate Research Assistant,
4. Undergraduate Staff Assistant,
5. Fellowships,
6. Student Government positions,
7. Student Publications Appointees, or
8. Other positions, not listed in any of the above categories.
Student Disability Services Office*
Work Only, Option 2Enrolled WSU student with interest in work related accommodations for one of the following positions that do not require the individual to be a registered and/or degree seeking student:
1. Clerical Assistant,
2. Lecturer,
3. Preceptor,
4. Professional Worker,
5. Service Worker,
6. Skilled Trades Worker, or
7. Technical Assistant.

As outlined in the Temporary Employment Classification and Compensation Plan

Human Resources Services

* The Student Disability Services Office will gather initial information about a student’s situation.  After reviewing the work position information, the Student Disability Services Office may consult with Human Resources Services.  This may include sharing medical and accommodation request information between these offices; students may need to sign a release.  The appropriate office will address the request; if additional information is required, the student will be contacted.



Procedure to Request an Accommodation

Please review the respective websites listed above for information, as each office may have different procedures to request accommodations.  If a student has separately requested accommodations from a student disability services office AND Human Resource Services, please let a representative from one of those offices know a request for accommodations is being sought with the other office.  The offices may not be aware that the student is seeking accommodations from the other office.  This will assist in information sharing and a simplified process.