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Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane


The WSU Spokane Student Affairs office provides testing accommodations for students with disabilities. Only students with documented disabilities who have been approved for testing accommodations for the semester are eligible to utilize these testing services.

Student Responsibilities:

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  • Talk to instructors about the Alternative Testing Agreement, specifically plans for testing in the Testing Center of the Library, at the beginning of each term.
  • Provide your testing schedule by emailing or bringing a copy of your syllabi with testing dates to SAC 145.
  • Ask faculty to email the test (or test password) and instructions to
  • Notify the Access Services ( if a scheduled test is cancelled or if you decide to take the test or quiz in class.
  • Show up on time for the exam. Faculty will be contacted for late arrivals to see whether testing should proceed or not.

Faculty Responsibilities:

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  • Student will initiate meeting to discuss Letter of Accommodation and testing at the beginning of the semester, or as soon as the Accommodations are approved.
  • Complete the Alternative Testing Agreement (ATA)for each class in which you are the instructor of record. This is completed in MyAccess (Instructions to complete the ATA are here).
  • Provide testing password or pdf of the test no later than 24 hours from the scheduled test time.
  • Arrange for alternate test day and times as necessary. See “Scheduling Tests” below.

Access Services Responsibilities:

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  • Begin and end the test according to the specific instructions of faculty and the student’s approved accommodations.
  • Hold students’ belongings not allowed in exam.
  • Assure that the Faculty Testing Room Instructions are followed.
  • Hold for pick up or deliver the completed test according to faculty instructions.

Scheduling a Test

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Students are expected to test in the Student Affairs Testing Center at the same time the rest of the class is testing unless faculty have arranged an alternate date or time with the student and indicated the alternate date or time on the proctoring instructions. The testing room is available during business hours (7:30 am to 5:00 pm). If you have questions about procedures or if you need assistance determining the best way to provide approved accommodations for a student, please contact Jackie Schneider at or 509-358-7816.

1. Exam Request Deadlines: All exam requests need to be submitted at least 5 business days before the in-class exam. A business day refers to dates and times the Office is open (Monday through Friday, 7:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.; holidays are not considered business days).

2. Final Exam Request Deadline:  Deadline to submit requests for Final Exams is 5:00 P.M., the Friday BEFORE Deadweek. If you miss this deadline you will either need to arrange accommodations directly with your faculty member or meet with your Advisor to discuss your options.

3. Late Arrival Policy

a. If student arrives to test 15 to 30 minutes late: Student will receive remaining time in reservation.

b. If student arrives to test 31 to 59 minutes late, the student has a choice of:

Starting exam with only remaining time in reservation


The student may wait for instructor approval of a late start with no guarantee of instructor approval. Spokane students: The extended testing time is also subject to the availability of the proctor to stay past the approved time.

c. If student arrives to test 60 or more minutes late: the student may wait for instructor approval of a late start time with no guarantee of instructor approval. Spokane students: The extended testing time is also subject to the availability of the proctor to stay past the approved time.

Pharmacy Students Taking BLOCK EXAMS: WSU Spokane Pharmacy Students are only allowed ONE late arrival per semester and if they are late to any other exams in that semester, they will lose their attempt and we will document this on a Qualtrics form for College of Pharmacy tracking purposes.

4. Students may schedule exams within the parameters the instructor has designated in the Alternate Testing Agreement.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While the instructor may allow the student to choose an exam start time or date within designated parameters listed in the Alternate Testing Agreement, it is the student’s responsibility to arrive to the test at the time which the student requested and was approved.

5. Only instructor approved resources are allowed in Testing Area during exams. These approved resources are noted on the Alternate Testing Agreement.

a. Store ALL personal belongings with the exam proctor.

b. Proctoring Staff may ask students to remove for inspection, jackets, scarves, and hats. Proctoring Staff may ask the student taking the exam to shake-out, pat, or smooth down clothing their clothing.

c. Proctoring Staff may inspect/restrict any item not specifically listed as an approved resource by the instructor on the Alternate Testing Agreement.

6. All students must abide by the WSU’s Community Standards.

a. Students found utilizing unsanctioned materials while testing will result in your Instructor and the Office of Community Standards being notified in writing.